Why is life so hard, then, if God is good? A quote from the movie A League of Their Own: “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great.” Also, things for the most part don’t seem to be altogether arbitrarily hard — if you’re smart about it, at least. For things that require craft, the technique of years’ experience tend to produce things that show the care used in creating them. And so it would be with life: one where everything comes by just snapping one’s fingers, however much material treasure is accumulated, this is just not the same as when things are earned through the work. Not to throw away the conveniences, but not to stop with what comes easy; an easier life is to raise the bar higher at what you must achieve. For a life not well lived is bereft of its meaning. The meaning of life is how much you’ve loved living it. An easy life is easily a throwaway existence — and love is all the things you keep.

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