And I remember a man on an island, like alone in a single room, floating through the æthers… seemed to me to be Scottish. I never thought this was such a mystery, until much later down the line. Apparently he thought some rather middle class environs to be like unto “sitting in the lap of luxury.” Once he repeated over and over, “Don’t worry about it!” (in that Scottish accent I mentioned before). Definitely one of the good guys. So here’s something from left field: what if that was Judas?

Along the way from there to here, there was one Philip K. Dick, who was and is my twin. His “light from God” experience happened to him in March of 1974, which coincidentally was about the time I moved to America. I was 5 years old then. My “light from God” experience came when I was 19. In my visions, Phil (or Philip K., I like to call him) he became my best friend. You know, someone you’d die for, that kind of thing. Maybe someone whose place you’d take in Hell. Best friend. I count on him to keep me grounded, like the times I feel like I am a literal superhero. No one you can save that can’t be saved.

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The Great Blasphemy