It can be seen thusly, the implements of life: we have been given everything, and only the mistakes are ours. Any talent, skill, strength, or intelligence: gifts from God. Even our will, and our ability to make any kind of effort: gifts. Creativity: gift. If we get a thing right, we are merely following instructions, and if we get something more right than what is called for, of course that is a gift. If we follow God’s plan, we can but say that we are unprofitable servants, that only did as were we told, and nothing more. What shall we boast of, that we did what the Lord said for us to do? But the mistakes, the errors, the sins, the misjudging: of course, God works them into His plan, but they are not of Him. They are of us, who are the imperfect ones. (And we do not boast of these.) By thus indeed we are defined: in what we do wrong, in those errors we commit into the record of the world, which reflect, however faintly, in eternity.

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