I have followed dreams to their bitter end. I have kept the faith, even as the world collapsed out from under me. I know not exactly who is saved, and who are cast off, except in perhaps the broadest strokes, but I may perchance to guess sometimes. I forget who said it, but once I read that if one is truly of the faith, then he will understand that for the good of the cause, if he were one sacrificed to the flames, if he himself were not saved. It is an extreme position, but I like to think I would hold to that. We are the good guys; everyone should know what that means. We’re better than the bad guys. Because we follow the rules, and we still win.

There was that lifelong search for the ultimate thing, and I remember how more than once I thought I’d found it: true love. The concept comes (mostly) from the movie and book, The Princess Bride. The concept I’m sure existed before that media, but I got that specific term from there. Three times I thought I’d had it. And on the third time, I knew what I had. I found it comes down to a set of three sentences, and their beauty when read in a row… I can compare their beauty to any artwork or artifice in the world: “God is love. Love is to be found. Everywhere.” Where “to be found” “everywhere” is understood in the 3 ways that God is understood: found, from yet undiscovered; found, as no longer lost; and found, always having been there…. More on this mystery to come.

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