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It is true that many a time, have my visions gotten me to do things, sometimes strange things. Some of them are rather embarrassing to relay, and perhaps will I only disclose them to make a point. But there was only time a dream ever told me to do something, like how I ever imagined a mission from God would be revealed to an errant servant. I saw before me in the dreaming a picture of this crucifix I had, a pendant, which was fit to be worn on a necklace. It had been given to me by a nun, almost two decades previous, when I was emerging from the pit of shame and failure that I had descended into. I was told to give it to my friend who went by the handle Strawberry, who lived in New England.

I woke up just then from this petite-vision, and I immediately emailed her to ask for her address. I just had that feeling that you don’t ignore things like these. This was as close to a traditional view of what I imagined contact with the divine would be. My normal, waking life, when the visions are in force — they don’t seem to me to be like what the prophets of the Bible seemed to have experienced. Maybe Philip K. Dick had some familiarity with the style of visions I have, but even there I think he had a different way of seeing things in the HALOSPACE. But anyway, when she received it, she gave me a great thanks, saying how it was meaningful to her because it contained some of my pain. Indeed, for holy is the vial in which has brewed the suffering of a saint.

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