So, supposedly it goes something like this: that which I started all this with, “Judas volunteered”, that is supposed to be the gnosis, the saving knowledge. What I am told is that this one idea makes all of the Bible comprehensible, for it all to make sense. If the Gospel is so different from reality that it depicts Judas nothing like having volunteered, then realizing that as actuality lets you use correct lenses to view any information regarded as holy. I know I for one I cannot ignore those two words. They have gravitas that seems to invoke a certain clarity, a certain verisimilitude. You should not ignore them, either. Sanity often seems like one is breaking the rules.

The only time a dream ever told me to do something was when I was shown a picture of this crucifix pendant I had, which fit to be worn on a necklace. It was given to me by a nun, when I was emerging from the pit of shame that I had descended into. I was told to give it to my friend who went by the handle Strawberry, who lived in New England. Upon waking from this petite-vision, I immediately emailed her and asked for her address. You don’t ignore things like these. When she received it, she gave me great thanks, saying how it was meaningful to her, because it contained some of my pain. Such is HALOSPACE.

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The Great Blasphemy