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There have been extraordinary visions I have had. Once God the Father showed me of what stuff Heaven is made. Along with that vision, I glommed a thing or two about what exactly was possible in There, during the War. I cannot, that is I cannot now summon the ability, to tell you how wonderful that place is, being God’s throne, whereas earth is merely His footstool. He also gave me an idea about what the proper usage of His name is, that of Yahweh. It is a holy name, and there is a reason you do not take the LORD’s name in vain. For one, saying you do things in the name of someone means you invoke their authority. Names carry such weight. Now pretend that a name is weightier than the whole of creation, seen and unseen. And carries more power. If that seemed a little scary, that is the correct reaction. If not, you might look into what grade level your reading comprehension stopped at.

Outside those special visions, I have had mostly a desaturated view, cartoonish, of the goings on in HALOSPACE. I suppose it’s so I don’t spend every day blitzed out in awe. Outlines like they are drawn there, of partial cartoons (enough so that I can tell just what they depict), usually shades of just one color. I joke, color-coded for my convenience. Yellow generally for Christ-like things, blue for more secular/normal things that are of good, and red or black tends to be bad guy stuff. They’re not always that way, and when they aren’t, I’m usually told so, and maybe why. Silently, through the angelic circuitry. The angels (and Jeanne d’Arc, too) tell me lots of things. I have not always been able to correctly gauge things for what they are, but my talent apparently is having the intestines that make from “garbage in”, “a pearl of great price”. You just need patience, and a lot of layers to sacrifice. So mote it be.

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