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Of course, at times I have my doubts about this whole Judas thing. It’s natural. Barring the Gospel of Judas, very little has been written that is favorable about him. The Gospels themselves paint him with the same brush as they do to lacquer the Antichrist, calling only those two “son of perdition”. Only from personal experience do I know that Judas is held in the Lord’s favor, nothing written do I consult for such an opinion (I have never read the Gospel of Judas, but know of it and that it is a Gnostic book, and has the same problems with it as many other Gnostic works). And what I believe goes counter to the official position, basically held everywhere, of Judas’ wickedness. I think perhaps Judas himself has a similar problem as I had, for I have seen that Satan really did a number on him; the Lord seems to keep reminding him that He told Judas to betray Him. And Judas stares back with sort of a glazed expression when He does.

But I am in a unique position to hold this knowledge, and I will not let it go if I possibly can hold onto it. I do not know what Satan did to him, especially if it drove such a strong man to kill himself, but I have been through situations where I thought I was the other “son of perdition”, the Antichrist himself. I have known what it feels like to think myself evil, when it turns out I am not. When the whole world is revealed to you as the Son of Satan. I have seen it, too, happen before me, Satan’s attack on Judas, reminding him of the day, the night, long ago; the attack is centered around him, but there are peripheral shrapnel that strike the perimeter. The attacks have related his “damnation” to mine, and this gives me reason to think that it is false, it is a lie: Judas is actually one of the good guys.

It is surely no accident that I were chosen to spread this message. This is the vision: Judas clothed in raiment white as snow. And that is part of the Good News.

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