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There was this one time that I made a promise to the Lord, in prayer. The Curse had been with me for a long time by then, which I have mentioned before. To Him I said that if in His plan, I were written for the part of the Accursed, the Beast 666, the Antichrist, then I would accept my place, and be the best Antichrist that I were meant for. I would not protest, I would not complain.

This is an article of faith: the Lord knows better than you just what is your true purpose. If after all my prayer and Bible reading, He said that this was what its fulfillment entailed, I could do nothing but believe Him. And wouldn’t you know it, this test was performed on me in one of the visions I had, soon after. Assuredly, at many a time I thought that the Curse were coming true, but in this particular version of it was the “what if” that He Himself were deigning to place me squarely in that role. And in this trial I did not fail, this test of my faith, this oath of my honor. Until He relieved me of such duties, I accepted it as my fate. He was looking out for me the whole time, of course, and I did no damage while I so believed, but there you have it. We keep our promises. That’s how we roll.

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