Destiny is not the same as fate. Choice is involved: destiny comes from our own will, as it mixes with all the forces of the world that cross our path. Now, was it a cue when Christ said, “One of you will betray me”? If it wasn’t, then it might be that Judas committing suicide was actually his repenting, the supreme act of regret, and he was forgiven, only to the degree of the smallest part of Heaven. But if it was… wouldn’t that be the true fruition of the phrase, “Judas volunteered”? Else we mean it only cynically, only ironically. But if it be, now, that to betray Christ it meant that Judas then had no savior, that being the consequence of his volunteering, that island I saw would be the best that could be done for him therefore. That was, then, what it was to accept destiny’s heavy hand.

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