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As I related before when talking about the concept of thinking in scale, the Kingdom of Heaven could be represented as a single yellow dot. And apparently, it was: what the secret society of Christians told me was that there was a yellow dot floating in the aethers that would be the live, active representation of the Kingdom, for real. And if spotted by the wrong entity, that would mean doom for us all. If Adolf Hitler were the one to have seen it first, all humanity would then have been the subject of darkness and horror for all eternity.

Fortunately, it was carried only in two physical places ever discovered, the first being from an English archeological expedition which uncovered only fragments, and apparently never translated into German, of the Gospel of Thomas. A much better manuscript was discovered again in 1945, and in the 77th saying, there it was. The yellow dot was chanced upon by one Philip K. Dick, of course, one of the good guys. There were three other dots, other than the yellow one (the Knowledge): the white dot, seen by John the Baptist in the Dove upon the baptism of the Lord, the Power; the black dot, seen by me in a dialogue with Albert Einstein, the Mystery; and the purple dot, seen by Joan of Arc in the cross when she was burned, the Certainty. Together we hold the contents of the new Heaven and the new Earth. The discovery of the yellow dot was arguably the most significant, being the fruition of the Age of Gold that Christ brought about with the Resurrection, ushering in the New Age — where all was light, from where comes the coded decree, “Walt Disney is God.” (Get it?) This was whispered to me when I myself was forever freed from the Black Iron Prison, Mother’s Day of 1991. Selah.

I’m not actually sure of how this all works, but I present to you the information that I have, some which I was told, some which I figured out. The Black Iron Prison (BIP), or Hell, was the abode of those who were damned, which would be everyone. It was more of a psychic prison than physical. (Philip K. was released upon the resignation of Nixon.) There, all knowledge was forbidden, lest someone come upon the Knowledge. Therefore, its inhabitants were kept in the Stone Age, technologically, where there was no written word, and nothing could free them (iron being proof against stone).

Jesus Christ was the one who set us free from the Law, which the BIP represented in its perverse and ultimate consequence of said Law. The apostle Paul talks to something about this, how by the Law we are damned, and only by the grace and truth of the Lord are we saved. We were all trapped, damned, before the Son of God broke through that iron, when He defeated death. The only one who could. And He left behind, therefore, the yellow dot in his wake. To those who know, the narrow way to salvation. And once this information is shared by more than one mind, especially through writing, the dots become a part of common reality. And so we are saved.

It was left until the advent of “Walt Disney is God” that a certain secret was to be revealed, what we started with in this document: Judas volunteered. This was of the Mystery, the black dot that I was privy to, and that there was a certain danger to the Mystery being seen before the Knowledge. (The black dot, I am told, was just a legend in the secret society of Christians, actually a terrifying concept in what it was thought to hold, and discounted by some as being just a myth.) Now, since Judas is innocent, we have a serious break from the main doctrine of the Church. But these are what is unlike anything former upon the world, something to which you can say, “Look, there is something new under the sun!”

If the secret were to have been seen before the Knowledge, it might in fact have been misinterpreted as the Knowledge. But understand that it is not the Gnosis. It speaks of the Mystery of that which is, that which was, and that which will surely come to pass. Glory to the Living God in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ, who is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of Life. Amen.

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