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So if the Gospel is wrong about Judas, why should we believe any of it at all? But to the serious inquirer, this kind of question predates the revelation about Judas. Some lose their faith when they find out that a childlike faith is not one that is supported by the most basic scholarship in the area. One thinks as to how the New Testament came to be in the first place. Notably, it was made of “books” that resonated with many of the populace, which seemed to help one the most make it through this life. No esoterica; those books that were obscure, which only were read by the fringe — these did not make it in. Nonetheless, we also know that the Gospels — and other books in the New Testament — were not written by whom they claim is their authorship. That was never a prerequisite for their inclusion in the canon. So what are we to believe?

So what is to be done is the recipe for success in pretty much every field: learn all the rules, so that when you go to do what you do, you may forget them all. Entirely. We learn in the scripture this very lesson: this is the new covenant, faith in our Lord Jesus Christ: He writes His law in our very hearts. Once we have accepted the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, He will bring to our fore what needs to be accepted. This is what it means to have eyes that do see. What resonates with you? Can you just accept firstly that God is love? For this is the narrow way, if you have the means to accept this teaching. Then you pretty much have everything you need to discriminate the illusion from the reality, the wrong from the right. We trust what in our hearts we hold it to be true. We are all of us made in the image of love, and we have the Mystery in hand when we choose to love: ’cause we all have wings, but some of us don’t know why.

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