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How strong is your faith? It is true that for beginners, we would like to nurture their faith in a friendly environment, not rock their boats too severely. But those who claim to believe, who say they have weathered the years in their faith, yet in truth, they have their faith rooted in flimsy foundation: we don’t want you. If your faith rests on God having made the heaven and the earth in six twenty-four hour days, we don’t want you. If your faith rests on marriage only defined between male and female, we don’t want you. If your faith rests on a Jesus Christ who hates anyone, we don’t want you. For if you do any of these, you are rooted in ignorance, and not faith. He told us a few things that we should do, if we truly believed, and said, “Why do you call me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things I say?” Do we forget what these were? It’s just one word: love. Nothing else.

We don’t want you who follow those dogmatic ways, because we were not told by Him to abandon reason and science, to abandon compassion, to abandon forgiveness for anyone who asks for it. To listen instead to your own prejudices. You adhere to the teachings of mortal men, and not the words of God. Why don’t we forgive you for such things as you do? Because you do not ask for forgiveness, thinking instead you are right in hating in the Lord’s name. Because you do not forgive others, you fools. For He told us to love, and you do not follow that commandment. There is more hope for a criminal than for you, for a criminal knows what he does is wrong. Have you not read? Have you not heard? God is love, and He knows His own, and His own know Him.

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