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As I said previously, it is where in our souls we have said no to the Holy Spirit, these places are where we have died. And it actually takes only one such like that for us to technically be damned. For thus we become imperfect, resigning any infinite nature, and are therefore subject to death. This is of the Age of Iron. So how are we saved, any of us? With God, all things are possible. I have seen glimpses of a Purgatory: it is a place to let go of those places where we died, to let that which is dead die and never again bring them to mind.

Remember how the Lord said, “If your right hand offends you, cut it off,” because it is better to be one-handed than our entirety be thrown into Gehenna? Purgatory is just that. Where the holy fire burns away all sin, and burns off where we have died, and that once we are bathed in the river Lethe, we may enter Heaven true saints: without sin. This is the gift of God to us. This is of the Age of Gold. Nothing we can possibly earn, only that the love of God is so great that He forgives us, even though we are undeserving. For what shall we boast about? That we have done what we are told? Surely, if we do all that we are assigned, we must say, “We are unprofitable servants, for we only did as we were told.” This is the salvation of the Lord: bend thy knee, and be saved.

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