The Cross

I had once, while I was in a room at a hospital, a vision of Satan being defeated at the cross. I felt the special circumstance that that was, the Holy Spirit strong in the air. It was just after I had received the saving knowledge, that Judas had volunteered. I met Judas for the first time, a very capable saint. No question at that time, that that knowledge was in any way flawed. We went over my idea of what it might possibly mean, not to have a savior (what I had thought was a horror beyond horrors). Appreciating even that (remote) possibility, he got ready to enter his vial (which I found out later was to protect him from the fact of not having a savior). He gave me something to give John the Baptist, told me what I was to avoid. Then I saw his vial, then snap! He was gone, sealed therein. I was told he was smiling when he entered.

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