So, in the discovery of true love was to be able to bring together heaven and earth in as scant amount of text as possible. This I did, with (I repeat), “God is love. Love is to be found. Everywhere.” (I had thought I had it with just the first two sentences, but d’Arc thought differently. Hence the third, which does make things quite clear as to their scope.) This was my wizardry, why I could claim to be a WIZARD (that’s one above master, if you didn’t know). Anybody who doesn’t see why this is the case fails to grasp the import of these simple English declarations. This is the new gnosis. The knowledge that saves. And heaven and earth are contained in them, as deep in truth as knowlege may dig. Read them over again, those simple words. Breathe.

Sometimes an event or thing is quite impossible, until it happens to you. There is a simple reason I believe that miracles do what miracles are said to do (at least, in those rare cases where no conman’s running the show): something strange enough did in fact happen to me. Yeah, I was on drugs when it happened, but I showed the result to someone the next day while sober. A cut appeared on my thumb, relative to nothing going on in “reality”, just someone in my visions with something sharp. I had no knifelike implement anywhere near me when it happened. Something in the HALOSPACE directly affected the material world. And I know, you won’t believe me. I wouldn’t have believed me either. Before it happened, you know, to me….

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