I have seen snakes in the fire. It was in a commercial on TV, the view from the top of a fire the size of a medium large campfire. The licking of the flames looked like snakes writhing. Also I saw once when I looked at one of van Gogh’s self-portraits, the yellows and oranges: it looked like that paint was on fire. There are other things I have seen, too, but these two stand out as the more or less the hallucinatory side of this experience (which I call life). Other things may not have been so flashy, but they portended things of deeper scope.

So how could they possibly be real, the things I have seen? For one part of their nature is how they shift, how the frame that refers to them change, and things mean different things upon the second looking, or third. Now, I define reality as that which has quality true. Truth, if not to define reality itself, certainly bears the brunt of its definition. If the quality of a vision is not true, it is not real. Of what I am seeing and hearing, I can look and cross reference what they are with those whom else it happened to, too — and they really do seem to pass the sniff test. Jesus Christ seems to me the same man as depicted in the Gospels. The strangeness of angels seems to fit how they are defined in the scriptures. What is holy is not aberrant to what I’ve heard it said to be. There is more, if I might ponder further on this. Just some thoughts for now.

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