(In which I find myself walking through a dream, pretty much every day.)

i am superman, and i know what’s happening
i am superman, and i can do anything…

Let me not be doubting, but believe. If nothing else, let me believe in the overarching idea: there is an unseen world, which is eternal, while the visible world is temporary. Why this is so seems uncommonly wise, in my own eyes (though unworthy, they have seen many things). The reality of the spiritual world is different in nature than the reality of the physical world. It is true that many people have had many, often conflicting visions of what exists beyond our mortal pale, but one may imagine that of those which are not purely imagination, they may be joined in a logic of a higher reason. Though I also hold it true not all of what has been seen are true at all. Wisdom may be found in a science of such stuff. Science can be performed on anything, after all, and science is rather good at finding the fact.

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