Alright, let us for a moment take a step back. What if, I will ask myself, it were all just a fantasy? That I had not met Jesus Christ nor his angels, not Albert Einstein, or Joan of Arc, or any evil power? It started while I was on drugs, after all, so what if it actually is “just” a trip? Hm? Well, if one does believe in there being an unseen world (and I can believe this while being rational), because one is still Christian, whatever else, then how big a stretch would it be to say that I am in contact with that unseen world? Because I do have faith like a grain of a mustard seed, and I can say to the mountain, “Move”. And I haven’t taken drugs in over a decade, and it is clearer than ever appearing before me: I see the unseen. And perhaps I can convince you of what visions I have seen.

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The Great Blasphemy