There are two significant questions: “What do you do?” and “Why do you do it?” The correct answers (yes, there are correct answers) are, “I serve God,”and “Because I love life.” And if you don’t believe in God, it then becomes that you serve a nobler purpose, a greater purpose than what you are, what is larger than you. You know what these things are, I need not tell you of them. Think Doctors Without Borders. And if it is not because you love life that you do what you do, what alternative do you suppose would be worthy? That you love death, that you would put your effort not in the anima of the world, but its entropy, its decay, its end? Surely not. And yes, there is beauty, too, but life is the most precious of the beauties, n’est pas?

I was lying there, safe in a hospital, after having gone through some major shifts in reality, when some of the angels (Michael’s angels) related to me what some of the things they went through on the front lines of the War were like. This touches again on how we take so much for granted, for instance, logic and consistency. What if you could not take some very fundamental things as certainties? For instance, if you have 8 things arranged in a rough circle, you can count on there being 8 spaces between them. What if you couldn’t? What if there were only 7? Or 6? What if you were trapped in something and needed to get out of one of those spaces, and the seeming were not reality? Just a tidbit of what had been going on in the War in Heaven. Strangeness dangerous.

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