> From this. I was given the exact signal once, or what was supposed to be it, with all that I knew or thought I knew, “One of you shall betray me.” It was a positive signal, not a damning one (as far as I could tell), to go along with the rest of all […]

Love Is…

> From this. Love is what unfolds from the desire of the heart. The rose that blooms even when the world is shrouded in snow — the kiss of immortality. It is the eagle feather which is held in solemn trust, for to call upon the Creator… Behold what presses you on in the darkest […]

Judas, in Light

> From this. To believe that Judas volunteered is to acknowledge that the evangelists who wrote the Gospels changed the actual story substantively, at least partly from not knowing the actual story, and we cannot gloss over these changes. But if you think about it, this must have happened. Anyone who thinks that the Bible […]

In All Humility

> From this. You know, I thought of what I would ask for if God asked me like He did Solomon what I desired above all else. Solomon asked for wisdom when God appeared to him in a dream. It is a commendable choice, not to ask for riches or even for a long life; […]


> From this. I took the first printout of the original document of true love, and on March 1, 2013, at about 10pm EST, I put on some blood red lipstick and I kissed it, then I crumpled it up and threw it away outside, in the apartment garbage. For as you know, Philip K. […]

Can God Make a Rock…

> From this. And now for something completely relevant: Can God make a rock He can’t lift? No, He can. (The question has always been of a light, mocking spirit, meant to make fun of the faith. If a believer tries to answer in all seriousness, then the questioner has won, for the believer mistakes […]

Free Will

> From this. I read once that one might wonder if just the fact that God knows exactly what we will do removes us from true free will. This is absurd. This is not a toy world (that reality’s not kid stuff could also be an explanation why there are such things as pain), a […]


The Great Blasphemy