> From this. The question comes to Job (from the Book of Job, natch), “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? … when the morning stars sang together and all the heavenly beings shouted for joy?” (NRSV) So going back to the point where I overheard that Lucifer was the creator […]


> From this. As I related before when talking about the concept of thinking in scale, the Kingdom of Heaven could be represented as a single yellow dot. And apparently, it was: what the secret society of Christians told me was that there was a yellow dot floating in the aethers that would be the […]

What Is True

> From this. Once you trust the right things, you have got the key to what is true, and what is real. You trust that you exist, and it is right to do so, for reality works in no other way, as far as you can possibly tell. Yes, it is possible and conceivable to […]


embers of a dream, and firelight the years slouch on, the world becomes shorter as we age from the ground lifted, forgetting our yesterday’s weight (did we even exist in that ambiguous time?) faith in my inmost inmost fires home to a thousand unnamed words, a vocabulary of silence compelled by the illusion of time […]


> From this. Be of simple substance. It is said that God is the simplest of all substance, and truly, this is the nature of love. Do not within yourself think things other than what you show to the world, for such duplicity will not stand in the world to come. It is a hard […]

The Beginning

> From this. This is not the end. The world is not dying. We are not at the waning of civilization. Things are not worse than they’ve always been. What have you been smoking? The Antichrist is not alive on earth, Satan is not close to creating a dystopia of the ruins we are making […]


> From this. Miracles are a clue. You don’t even have to invest yourself in supernatural ones: as David Ben-Gurion put it, “In order to be a realist, one must believe in miracles.” Now that we agree that miracles happen, we can argue one of two things, as a source of them: luck or providence. […]


The Great Blasphemy