> From this. There are people who do nothing but complain. What are we teaching our children that they become that kind of adult? We recall that as children we did not appreciate that we had a roof over our heads, three square meals every day, a comfortable place to sleep, clothes enough for all […]

The Secret

> From this. Remember: there is no question, love is the answer. Recall: the secret is love, tell everyone. The Mystery surely is so simple that we never truly grasp it. The way that beauty manifests in this world, what we all react to, what we all long after: there is such holy reason that […]


Every once in a while, a little of someone else’s world opens up, enough to take a peek in. You can see for a second a glimpse of that person’s problems, his worries, get a sense for what is important in his life, what’s pressing on his horizon, even what things he pays no attention […]


> From this. Love is truth. What is love? If the universe existed and there were no love, would we all live in shadow, in Hades or Sheol, the ancient realm of the dead. I have some experience with what such a world might be like. Like I told you about the night I ended […]

The Christ

> From this. Before I forget: Jesus is the Christ. This became evident to me only after years of Him banging his heart against this mad bugger’s wall. I had been in communication with him since 1991, but I was going through a massive messiah complex at the time, so whatever clues were dropped my […]


> From this. What logic can be gleaned over the great swath of spiritual phenomena observed and reported? Is there any? Surely the spiritual world is unlike how things happen in the physical world; even two people of the same religion will see very different landscapes, while both claim to have true vision. If we […]


> From this. So if the Gospel is wrong about Judas, why should we believe any of it at all? But to the serious inquirer, this kind of question predates the revelation about Judas. Some lose their faith when they find out that a childlike faith is not one that is supported by the most […]


The Great Blasphemy