> From this. I come not to reassure all who call the Christ, Lord, that their places in Heaven are certain. That you who profess with your lips that Jesus is the Son of God are surely written down in the Book of Life. The prophets spoke wisely to some out there, that they praise […]


> From this. As I said previously, it is where in our souls we have said no to the Holy Spirit, these places are where we have died. And it actually takes only one such like that for us to technically be damned. For thus we become imperfect, resigning any infinite nature, and are therefore […]


> From this. How strong is your faith? It is true that for beginners, we would like to nurture their faith in a friendly environment, not rock their boats too severely. But those who claim to believe, who say they have weathered the years in their faith, yet in truth, they have their faith rooted […]


> From this. Eternity has revealed itself to me as if in a fourth spatial dimension, as best I could perceive it from the framework of a mortal, out of my third, or ajna eye. And I saw those who were trapped in the lower realm, those who would never (some, never again) touch the […]

True Love

> From this. True love is a love that is meant to be, beyond the imagination of all the storybook writers. It was never meant to be for us, one might posit, like unto a Platonic ideal from which all other loves are shadows of it. It is pretty much understood that it has never […]

Chesire Cat

> From this. “Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat.” Julian Huxley said that, and I can quite see his point, why it looks as it does. Right? What Huxley is talking about is that we used to think the answer for everything […]


> From this. Does the world make sense to you? If not, you are among the vast majority. Sure, our world makes sense enough: wake up, go to work, they give you money, you buy things, find someone and make a family: if you want to see it that way, no problem, really — some […]


The Great Blasphemy