(From the start of a previous version of the text, which I called the Gospel of Oblivion.) What if that is His whole plan after all, to make all the saints, God? This seems unlikely, as I thought I was somehow the greatest human being after Jesus Christ, and I am not. In this plan, […]


(Some notes I took during the War in Heaven. It’s sort of weird.) Christ defeats Antichrist! [1/5/13 4:21am EST New York City] I’m how they landed. (Satan and his minions.) At the close of the War in Heaven. Satan asked me how I’ll get to heaven with the door closed. I answered, “I’m there already.” […]


So there you have it, what I make out to be pretty much the entirety of the text of the whole book. This whole thing I did as an obligation to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am glad to have done it. Technically, it’s already published, but I will do my due diligence and […]

Appendix: the MACHINE

There is a phenomenon we have all experienced, and most of us have not, for the most part, been able to name. I call it the MACHINE, and it is the face of the BLACK IRON PRISON as it is visible to the common eye. Philip K. Dick expressed it as, “The Empire never ended.” […]


I still believe in the human race (because that’s the only race we have). (Once all other options have been exhausted) I know we will do the right thing. We will feed the hungry (as soon as we find out how to profit from it). (When there is no more point to it) we will […]


> From this. Love is work. To those who don’t think so, you have not known in reality what it is to love; perhaps you have only heard about it in fairy tales. And even in fairy tales there is a challenge that the prince or princess must undergo. Because this is an inescapable truth […]

The Measurement of the Height

> From this. I read in the book A History of God mention of a mystic text called Shiur Qomah (The Measurement of the Height), and the image that was invoked by the few pages in which it is described left quite an impression on me. In the measurement of God, the basic unit is […]


The Great Blasphemy