The Age of Gold

Our Lord Jesus Christ is also known in the book of Revelation as the Lamb slain at the foundation of the world. Even though this was only two thousand years ago that it happened. One might see that that was the turning point of all history: this is the sacrifice that ended all sacrifice, ended […]

The Beginning Is Near


The book is now in the hands of a friend of mine, who’s going to edit it. He’s had a few books published himself, but I wonder if he knows what to do with it? I’m sure it’s unlike anything he’s ever handled before, or maybe even read before. I went through it myself when […]

Double Time

In my notes, which I took while the War in Heaven was going on, I have two sets of entries for the same time period on January 7. I thought maybe one was earlier, or the other was later, but I also have notes from January 6 and January 8. WTH? Was I in some […]

More Notes

(As you can see by the timestamps, these are recent. Don’t know when it will be over over.) the death of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Lamb slain at the foundation of the world, was the end of the Age of Iron, and would bring about the Age of Gold. like the Lord was two […]


(Also something I ended up not using, not written by me.) There is an old Hassidic tale in which a rabbi asks his pupils how they could tell when the night ends and day begins. “Could it be,” one of his students asked, “when you see an animal in the distance and can tell whether […]

All You Need Is Love

(Something I wrote up but ended up not using in the book.) I have always thought that the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” is the greatest pop song ever to have been written. The line that made me realize it: “nowhere you can be that isn’t where you meant to be” and of course […]


The Great Blasphemy