Destiny is not the same as fate. Choice is involved: destiny comes from our own will, as it mixes with all the forces of the world that cross our path. Now, was it a cue when Christ said, “One of you will betray me”? If it wasn’t, then it might be that Judas committing suicide […]


I once had a peek at the crucifixion, very near to the actual nailing. It wasn’t full Technicolor, more of a cartoony view, as I usually have, but I saw in my small vision Christ carrying his cross on his way to Golgotha, or up Golgotha, uncertain exactly where on the path he was. He […]


One note about love, as I perceive it: Love is so simple, we’ll never understand it. And a potentially mind-blowing concept would be that it is simpler than nothing. Why there is something instead of nothing may be seen because of that imagination. One might wonder how such a thing is possible, but kabbalists already […]


So, supposedly it goes something like this: that which I started all this with, “Judas volunteered”, that is supposed to be the gnosis, the saving knowledge. What I am told is that this one idea makes all of the Bible comprehensible, for it all to make sense. If the Gospel is so different from reality […]

Philip K. Dick

I am a prophet in the order of Philip K. Dick, whom you know as my best friend in the HALOSPACE. You know the man, I’m sure: Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, among others? Reality becomes more and more a Dickian place, and more and more of his stories are being made into […]


I was possessed of what I like to call “fugues” back when, now and again. One was of a person I knew, who got involved somehow in my controversy in my visions. In the fugue, he called himself DEMON. He ended his speech with “I am DEMON, hear me.” One was strangely enough in praise […]


Hey, you want to do something really outrageous? Play by the rules and win. Because Nietzsche and Dostoevsky were wrong: they thought that the rules did not apply to those who were considered “great”, somehow that they played by their own rules, or none at all. False. I say it is the reverse, that those […]


The Great Blasphemy